2016 Exhibition
Slide projection about dream - vision - hallucination

Ursulinenkloster, am Graben, Bruneck und Stadtmuseum Bruneck, Italien

28.Mai bis 10.Juni 2016 zwischen 22.00 und 24.00 Uhr

Der Ausstellungsraum des Stadtmuseums Bruneck wird zum Schlafsaal/ Liegeraum.

Lesung Josef Oberhollenzer(I) zum Thema Traum aus:
Der Traumklauber, Eine Erzählung in 52 Träumen, Folioverlag - mit musikalischer Begleitung von Reinhold Giovanett (I).

Kuration: Julia Bornefeld

Insa Winkler stumbles over the art context of the sterile inner space in which nature undergoes deficiency and the outdoor space in which material is ephemeral. With their ambiguous environments, as an artistic space and the environment, she takes sculpture and landscape out of the fixation and positions her art in a process-oriented context. Social Sculpture, that is subjected internal and external conditions, is active self- forming; sees itself as part of a whole. In this understanding, the possibility of the decision is given for or against a world view that is based on the insight that nature and culture in their respective conditions growing or dieing. The challenge to communicate with the living artwork, allows and calls for awareness and vision for our cultural landscape and therefore our habitat that exists only through maintenance (light, nutrients and water). And so make the circumstances of the artwork the cleavage between man and nature evident.